Tangled Up In Litigation (Part 2: “Blowin’ in the Wind”)

How can I possibly connect Bob Dylan to municipal law? With a porta-john, that’s how. Evidently, there is a porta-potty at the edge of Bob Dylan’s scenic Malibu estate, and his downwind neighbors are smelling more than just the Pacific sea breeze. His neighbors have pleaded with Bob to remove the porta-potty, but without success. It remains on the border of the property despite the fact that whatever construction project resulted in its placement is no longer ongoing.

Malibu municipal law does not specifically address portable toilets, but it does provide that temporary structures connected with construction projects must be removed upon completion of the project. It also prohibits objectionable odors “in excess of what is normally found in the neighborhood.”

Bob doesn’t care much for government regulation, however. When building his security guardhouse at the estate in the 1980’s, county building inspectors discovered that the guardhouse was not handicap accessible. Bob’s response, in writing, was that he promised he “would not hire any handicapped persons” to work in it.