I have worked for and against many attorneys over the past 30 years. Jim and John are right there in the top tier of
the best. Jim and I have known each other for over 25 years. His skill set goes well beyond the massive knowledge
of how to best represent a client. He cares. He has become wise while remaining humble. Oh, and he doesn’t work to
run up an invoice. In fact, Jim is known for figuring out solutions that are not just based on litigation as the
end game; he finds ways to help his customers when others give up.

I also have known and worked with John as we collectively found ways to help and protect people who were being treated
very unfairly by lenders. John’s sincere interest in the person and not treating them as just another client was
very evident in the time we worked together.

Having the father and son working together creates a wonderful opportunity for any person needing the combined power
and value of two of the best guys (not just attorneys) that I know.

– Jerry Newton

For over 26 years I have seen Jim’s passion and hard work in representing clients. He is thorough and cares about people.
John has wisdom and is energetic to find solutions for any problem or issue you may face. I would recommend Scarbrough
and Scarbrough for representation in any legal matters.

– Tim Hagler

I have known John for more than 25 years. He is an intelligent, diligent, and creative problem solver. John is certainly
someone I trust for competent legal representation.

– Michael Fischer

Jim and John have been great representing us in real estate transactions and litigation – buying, selling and mortgages.
They get the job done! Highly recommended! True professionals!

– Dan Truhitte