What Does the Public Guardian Do?

I am one of two local attorneys who serve as a public guardian for Cabarrus County. Attorney Andrew Phillips with Kraus Law Firm is the other public guardian. When a person is found legally incompetent in a court proceeding, they normally have a family member or friend who can take control of the financial affairs of the “ward.” Sometimes, however, the ward does not have family in the area, no relative or friend is able to serve, or the ward’s financial affairs involve complex legal issues that make it appropriate for an attorney to manage the situation. Being a public guardian carries with it great responsibility, but it is a privilege and honor to be entrusted with the care of people who might otherwise have no one to help. I am also very, very fortunate to work alongside attorney Andrew Phillips. Andrew’s partner, Rick Kraus, is also an excellent attorney, and a reputable member of the Cabarrus County Bar.