Practice Areas

General Civil Litigation

No matter how complex the litigation, we have the resources, knowledge, and experience to take up the fight.

Real Estate Litigation (including Boundary Disputes and Breach of Contract)

Jim Scarbrough is recognized in the legal community as a top litigator in real estate law. Whether it’s a boundary dispute,
title dispute, or breach of contract, we have the knowledge and resources to take on the most complex cases.

Contract Law

A contract can be based on a verbal agreement and a handshake, or set out in a voluminous document with clauses, sub-clauses,
and exhibits. We’ve seen it all. We’re ready to draft the contract you need, or litigate if the other party hasn’t lived
up to their end of the bargain.

Condemnation Law

When the government exercises its right of eminent domain, it must pay you fair compensation. Too often, the offer made to
a landowner is far from fair. We will assist you in negotiating with the state agency, obtaining an accurate valuation of
your land, and going to trial if necessary. We take most condemnation cases on a contingent fee, which means you don’t pay
anything unless you make more than the government’s initial offer.

Zoning Law

We practice all areas of zoning law, from re-zoning to challenging zoning regulations in court. We have vast experience in
legislative zoning matters and quasi-judicial zoning matters.

Municipal Law

Municipalities are exercising increasing control over private property rights, businesses, and individuals. We have decades
of experience in challenging municipal regulations at the trial level and appellate level.

Business Law

Businesses large and small can rely on our law firm to guide them through today’s complex regulatory landscape. Litigation
is often a necessity in the business world. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you come out on top, whether
in negotiations or in the courtroom.


Jim Scarbrough began his legal career as a law clerk at the NC Court of Appeals. Since then, he has handled more than 100
appeals before the Court of Appeals and NC Supreme Court. John Scarbrough has argued before the Full Commission of the NC
Industrial Commission, the Court of Appeals, and the NC Supreme Court. He was recently admitted to the Bar of the U.S. Supreme

Homeowners Association and Planned Community Act

Homeowners associations and the planned community act regulate today’s modern residential subdivisions. We have experience
in enforcement of subdivision covenants and restrictions and the planned community act.

Constitutional Law

Most attorneys are unfamiliar with the North Carolina State Constitution. It provides the same protections as the Federal
Constitution, but is rarely cited. We have experience in asserting claims under the procedural and substantive due process
clauses of the State Constitution.

Unlawful Government Taxes and Regulations

We have challenged local and state taxes and regulations for decades. Too often, government seeks new revenue, but without
proper authority under the State Constitution. We have had success in challenging many of these unlawful taxes and regulations.